600W Electric Scooter

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600W Electric Scooter

The Mi Pro 2 Electric scooter is powered by 600W battery powered motor that give this e-scooter its high sort after reputation. With its aero-space aluminium body the Pro2 is as lightweight and tough as it gets. 


  • 600W Max. power
  • 45km Super long range
  • 25km/h Max speed
  • 3 seconds Fast folding
  • Multifunctional dashboard
  • Aerospace grade aluminum body

Reduce your transport costs while at the same time minimizing carbon emissions with this eco-friendly mode of transport.


Electric Scooters Eco-Riding

  • Portability - electric scooters are perhaps the most portable mode of powered personal transport.
  • Eco-friendly - They only use a small amount of electricity and don’t emit any emissions, which is better for the air quality in our cities and for the lungs of their residents. As a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of travelling, it doesn’t get any better than an electric scooter.
  • Noise pollution - Enter the electric scooter; a whisper-quiet mode of transport that’s the fastest and quietest way to get from A to B.
  • Balance + movement - With an electric scooter, for smaller journeys that you would usually drive or use public transport, you can get your body moving. Of course, we know riding an electric scooter isn’t a replacement for a workout, but it will activate your core and improve your balance. Using a scooter is a great way of substituting a chair for something a little more active.
  • Safety - Every mode of transport comes with an element of risk. Electric scooters are fast enough to be useful and fun to ride, but give you enough control that you feel safe and secure while riding.

Safety Features

  • Front and back double braking system
  • A new generation of 8.5" pneumatic tires
  • 2W ultra-bright light
  • Bigger and Brighter tall light
  • Front, side, and rear reflectors

Central controls designed for a better riding experience


Fold it up in 3 seconds

It only takes 3 seconds to fold the scooter together. After folding, the electric scooter is compact and takes up less space, making it easy to fit in the trunk. The body is made of low-density, high-strength aerospace-grade aluminium alloy the battery powered scooter can carry a load of up to 100kg. With a net weight of only 14.2 kg, you can take it with you anywhere.

Security Features

Can be connected to the Mi Home App via Bluetooth to lock and unlock, to monitor riding data ( e.g. Mileage, speed, remaining battery life, etc.. ), and to customize cruise control settings you can also enjoy new features and achieve a more comfortable riding experience through firmware upgrades.

Intelligent battery management system to protect your e-scooter. Equipped with an energy recovery system for longer battery life.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How long will my order take to dispatch?
All orders are dispatched within 24hours of payment, Monday to Friday. Tracking numbers are updated within 48hrs.

2. Why I haven't received my tracking numbers?
Tracking numbers are usually emailed to our customers within 24-48hrs of purchase. If you did not provide your email at checkout chances are the tracking was sent via SMS to your phone. Drop us a line anytime and we'll happily look it up for you. 

2. Where will my order ship from?
All our stock is located in NSW.

3. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Short answer; 3-8 Working days by Australia Post. 

4. Do you offer pick up?
Unfortunately, our warehouse is not open to the general public so we cannot offer pick up. 

5. What if I want to return my order?
We gladly accept returns within 30 days of receipt, however you will need to pay for the return postage as we can only pay for return shipping on defective items to be replaced under our 12-month replacement warranty. 

6. Can I inspect the massage chair before I buy it?
Our warehouse is for logistics purposes only and cannot accommodate the general public.