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Electronic Pulse Therapy

So what is a TENS machine exactly? A TENS machine sends electrical pulses through muscle tissue which increases circulations around painful areas of the body. 

Not all parts of our body can be effectively reached by way of massage. With a TENS device you can target muscle and nerve pain more effectively

Simply stick the medical grade electrodes to an affected area and adjust the intensity of the electrical pulses to a comfortable setting, and you're on your way.

10-15mins per session is usually enough to feel the benefit straight away. 

So easy to use, this light weight super compact design is portable and packs a punch. Take your relaxation and comfort to the next level with the alternative pain relief, and recovery system.

Features at a Glance

  • 25 Pre-Programmed Physical Therapy Settings 
  • 5-60mins Adjustable Timer Settings
  • 50 Intensity Levels
  • 10 High Quality Medical grade Electrode Pads
  • For Both TENS & EMS Therapy

TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief and pain management. The TENS Unit is a highly effective way to reduce and relieve pain and increase circulation associated with nerve and muscle damage. 

How Does it Work?

There are some parts of the body that you just can't get to without applying intense pressure. The tens machine sends a range of electrical pulses from mild to intense, directly to the affected area by way of electrode. The electrical pulses then stimulate nerve endings, boost circulation and create endorphins which assist in recovery.

The gentle electrical pulses target a painful areas where normally you could not get to by way of massage. 


EMS & Recovery

Electronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS is an amazing way to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. The TENS unit sends electronic pulses through the muscle area which causes the muscle to contract (according to the power setting) assisting with circulation and blood flow

Dual Channel Functionality 

Allowing you to control therapy on 2 different areas of the body separately. This is great if you are looking to treat your lower back and shoulders with different intensity levels. 


Firstly the quality of the TENS unit you will receive is second to none. We use them ourselves and guarantee every single unit. 

Apart from thousands of happy customers you should also keep in mind that we actually pick up the phone. Give us a call today on (02) 80064733 and say hi! 

I cannot tell you how many times people have called, chasing up an order that wasn't even place with TRB Australia. Its quite disappointing to see people purchasing products online with no way of following up their orders. Don't make the same mistake they did, and always buy from Australia!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How long will my order take to dispatch?
All orders are dispatched within 24hrs of payment Monday to Friday. Tracking numbers are updated within 48hrs.

2. Why I haven't received my tracking numbers?
Tracking numbers are usually emailed to our customers within 24-48hrs of purchase. If you did not provide your email at checkout chances are the tracking was sent via SMS to your phone. Drop us a line anytime and we'll happily look it up for you. 

2. Where will my order ship from?
All our stock is located in NSW.

3. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Short answer; 3-8 Working days by Australia Post. 

4. Do you offer pick up?
Unfortunately our warehouse is not open to the general public so we cannot offer pick up. 

5. What if a want to return my order?
We gladly accept returns within 30 days of receipt however you will need to pay for the return postage as we can only pay for return shipping on defective items to be replaced under our 12 month replacement warranty.